M.A. (Education) Program

  • The M.A. Education Program is offered by ICFAI Education School.
  • It focuses on ensuring lectures in classrooms to entertain in interactive sessions, organizing seminar sessions in the classrooms to entertain in interactive sessions.

Admission Process

Admission is based on Merit and Personal Interview

Award of Degree

Students who successfully complete the program are awarded the Master of Arts in Education degree by The ICFAI University, Dehradun subject to University regulations.

duration Duration

  • 2 Years

eligibility Eligibility

  • A Bachelor degree in any discipline from a recognized Indian University, having secured a minimum of 50% aggregate are eligible to apply.

The Master of Arts (Education) Program is an innovative program, by which the learners will have wider and more comprehensive understanding of education as a field of knowledge and it would familiarize by catering a wide variety of learner needs. The significant practical relevance related to teacher professionalism, psycho societal elements of shaping education, critical expansion of inclusive equality and the contemporary system have been given to nurture the prospective teachers.

Program Highlights

  • Curriculum is made up of relevant courses related to NEP 2020.
  • Valuable hands on learning experience
  • Dedicated and supportive mentors

Unique Features

The predominant aim of M.A. (Education) Program is to create the dynamic team of well-trained teachers knowledgeable with all professionalism in education and its various dimensions. More specifically, the M.A. (Education) program intends to:

  • Provide learning – experiences, which will enable students to understand and appreciate knowledge structures and paradigms of education.
  • Develop expertise for effective participation in the educational process in different capabilities.
  • Create a community of schools adequately equipped for participation in educational discourse with stronger commitments.
  • Use of critical reflection to explore the relationship between theory and practice in complex situations
  • Bring ability to analyse, judge and critique complex or contradictory areas of wisdom, varied practices
  • Think creatively and flexibly to synthesize and transform variety of practicable ideas

Program Structure

  • The M.A. Education Program is designed to open up new doors and opportunities in the field of Education.
  • he Program Structure includes modules such as foundations of education, current perspectives on education, cultural diversity in classrooms, and the critical issues in education.
  • Such diverse educational modules allow teachers who have completed M.A. Education to stand out as leaders in the classroom and in the school.

M.A. (Education) Program Structure
Year-I Semester-I Semester-II
  • Philosophical Perspectives of Education
  • Sociological Perspectives of Education
  • Development of learner & Teaching-Learning Process
  • Educational Technology
  • Teacher Education
  • Methodology of Educational Research - I
  • Comparative Education
  • Educational Measurement & Evaluation- I
Year-II Semester-III Semester-IV
  • Educational Administration and Management
  • Methodology of Educational Research – II
  • Educational Measurement & Evaluation - II
  • Developments in Indian Education: NEP 20, With Special Reference to Teacher Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Dissertation
List of Electives List of Electives
  • Human Rights Education
  • Gender Issues
  • Women Studies
  • SDG
  • Value Education
  • Environmental Education
List of Electives List of Electives
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Inclusive Education
  • Special Education
  • Advancement in Educational Technology
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)
  • Distance & Continuing Education
  • Dissertation and Viva

The program structure is tentative, subject to change (if required).

Fee Schedule

The fee for each program is mentioned in the table below.

Programs No. of Semesters Admission Fee Total Program Fee Convocation & Alumni Fee Caution Deposit
Domicile Non-domicile
M.A. (Education) (2 Years) 4 5,000 54,000 66,000 6,000 2,000

Domicile: To avail the domicile benefits in the program fee, candidate domicile certificate is required at the time of registration

Program Fee: Program Fee is to be paid in equal installments as shown against the respective program.

Note: Ph.D. program fee mentioned above is for the minimum duration of the program. Students have to pay the respective semester fee to continue in the program, if he/she takes additional time beyond the stipulated minimum duration.

Convocation Fee of Rs. 1,000 and Alumni Fee of Rs. 5,000 is to be paid along with the program fee of final semester

Caution Deposit: All students are required to pay the caution deposit along with the first semester fee. The caution deposit will be refunded without interest after adjusting dues, on completion of the respective program.

Merit Scholarships Scheme 2024

The ICFAI University, Dehradun offers merit scholarships to students pursuing the UG & PG programs. These scholarships are based on past academic record and semester-wise performance.

A. Based on Past Academic Record

The past academic percentage will be calculated for the eligibility program on the basis of all courses studied during the program. He/ she should not have any backlog (RRA/NC/ RC) in the semester. He/ she should have scored 6 or more GPA in the semester. Students facing any disciplinary action will not be considered for scholarship. Students who have availed fee waiver are not eligible for scholarship.

Note: Students are required to pay complete semester fee on or before the registration date.

The details are presented in the following table:

Merit Scholarships Scheme 2024
Programs Percentage achieved in qualifying examination
≥ 90% ≥ 80% to < 90% ≥ 70% to < 80%
Amount of Scholarship * (In Rs.)
M.A. (Education) (2 Years) 16,200 13,500 10,800

Above Scholarship amount would be adjusted equally in 4 installments for 2 year Programs;

Academic Performance (CGPA) Category I Category II Category II
≥ 9.00 ≥ 8.50 -< 9.00 ≥ 8.00 -< 8.50
Programs No. of Semesters Amount of Scholorship per semester* (In Rs.)
M.A. (Education) (2 Years) 4 4,000 3,000 2,000