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Weekly Yoga Session

Weekly Yoga Session August 09, 2018

Yoga is the most ancient practice for physical, mental and spiritual development of an individual. It is a complete lifestyle system that includes exercises, breathing practices, diet and meditation.

Nowadays students are stuck between variety of workload and pressure. They need to prepare for exams, activities, seminars and other co-curricular activities. Practicing Yoga helps students to relax their body and soothe their mind. It brings positive vibes among students, de-stress them and helps in increasing their concentration power, memory and attention. Maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide students with proper physical and mental health benefits. Most sessions include breathing exercises, meditation postures, stress relieving postures etc.

Weekly Yoga Sessions are organized in ICFAI Education School, The ICFAI University, Dehradun by Prof. Sarita Negi instructing the step by step poses to enhance students’ practice. Pupil & teachers practiced yoga asanas requiring physical concentration through a sequence of poses. Prof. Sarita Negi informed the pupil teachers regarding developing calmness of the mind which could help in releasing nagging thoughts that come from our busy lives. It changed students’ perception about yoga as they felt positive impact in their mind and body.


Yoga Session Yoga Session Yoga Session Yoga Session

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