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Faculty Seminar on "Process of Women Empowerment"

Faculty Seminar on "Process of Women Empowerment"

Faculty Seminar on "Process of Women Empowerment" September 05, 2018

Faculties play an important role in seminars as facilitators and content experts. Seminars give us intensive exposure to a topic through presentations and discussions. In today’s era, being a teacher needs to be confident to communicate with others on a particular topic. To inculcate such attitude among pupil teachers, Prof. Sarita Negi presented a seminar on “Process of women empowerment”.

She highlighted the concepts understood before empowering women, about women or gender empowerment, changes in an empowered woman, process of empowering women through special programs, need and importance of empowering women etc. She quoted the words of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar as “The role of women in development of society is of utmost importance. Women are the backbone of our society”. She added that to reflect on the achievements of women in almost every sphere, International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March to advance women’s equality.


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