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Village including Noon River by ICFAI Law School (ILS).

Village including Noon River by ICFAI Law School (ILS)

Village including Noon River by ICFAI Law School (ILS). August 09, 2018

Gathering: ICFAI law students (16) and 2 Faculties including Academic head of the Institution, representatives from forest department, Government department, Education department, NGO workers and others

Historical background and relevance
Kharakhet village just 20 km from Selqui Even today, one would have to trek for over an hour to get there because there is no motorable road leadingright up to the village. In 1930, however, the villagers of Kharakhet were so closely connected with India’s freedom struggle that when Gandhi announced his Salt Satyagraha, villagers made salt from the uniquely salty water On the eve of the 68th anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, Track is walking down a damaged road, passing near the river and trekking downhill for nearly an hour. Walking through dense vegetation, one can still see the memorial stone that commemorates the Salt Satyagraha in the village that occurred on April 20, 1930.

Villagers were called to join the Satyagraha by local leaders -- Mahavir Tyagi, Narayan Dutt Dangwal, Nardev Shastri, Vicharanand Saraswati and Abdul Aziz. The salt that was collected from the river was packed in bags and sold in the municipal grounds of the city, breaking the laws laid down by the British government, which granted the colonial government monopoly in salt production. The water in the Noon River is salty even today. Little has changed onthe banks of this river for over seven decades. Satyagraha. “People remember Gandhi and speak of him as the Father of the Nation just on his birth and death anniversaries.Even the name of the village Kharakhet is drawn from the Hindi word for “salty”.


Noon River by ILS

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