UG Program

The B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics Program

The B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics Program

The B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics Program Course Curriculum

Computer Science & Engineering Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject
Year I Sem I English Communication Computer Fundamentals & Office Automation Principles of Mathematics - I Principles of Physics Principles of Chemistry Mechanics & Relativity Physics Practical Chemistry Practical -
Sem II Principles of Mathematics - II Differential Equations - I Statics and Dynamics Discrete Mathematics Algebra - I Analytical Geometry Soft Skills - I Environmental Studies -
Summer Internship Program
Year II Sem III Differential Equations - II Linear Programming and Game Theory Graph Theory Probability and Statistics Unix and C Programming Soft Skills - II Algebra - II Seminar
Sem IV Real Analysis - I Complex Analysis Linear Algebra Internal Transformations Numerical Analysis Using C/C++ Soft Skills - III Number Theory and Trigonometry Project (Minor) - (Report, Seminar & Viva-voce)
Summer Internship Program (8 Weeks) / Major Project/Certi fi cati on course
Year III Sem V Real Analysis – II Finite Element Methods Tensor Calculus Object Oriented Programming Elective -I Elective - II Mathematical Software - MATLAB Soft Skills - IV -
Sem VI Differential Geometry Fuzzy Mathematics Mechanics Elective -III Elective - IV Project (Report, Seminar & Viva voce) Soft Skills - V - -


The program structure is tentative, subject to change (if required).

List of Electives - Semester V (Select any Two): Operations Research; Mathematical Modelling; Calculus of Variations and Internal Equations; Topology; Special Function; Portfolio Optimization; Bio-Mathematics; Financial Mathematics; Markovian Model and Stochastic Process.

List of Electives - Semester VI (Select any Two): Complexity Analysis; Advanced Statistics; Fractional Calculus; Fluid Dynamics; Combinatorial Mathematics; Boolean algebra and Automata Theory; Mathematica; Artificial Neural Network;

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