Students’ Teaching Session

Students Teaching Session

Students’ Teaching Session October 31, 2018

The teaching sessions are real teaching situation where the pupil teachers get feedback from the supervisor, peers, to help them overcome their weaknesses in teaching. Thus, it helps in reducing the complexities of teaching in the normal classroom. Through teaching sessions, pupil teachers prepare themselves in developing their professional career as teacher. Hence, teaching sessions are conducted on regular basis to teach them teaching skills, knowledge and correct attitude as a teacher.

Pupil teachers of B.Ed Batch (2018-20), SEM-I i.e. Tenzin, Himanshu, Sangita, Merlin, Sapna came forward with their topics and disseminated the knowledge of their particular topic through a teaching of 20 minutes each. Acquiring and mastering skills is a gradual process which is fostered through regular teaching sessions.


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