Students’ Seminar on “Panama Canal”

Students’ Seminar on “Panama Canal”

Students’ Seminar on “Panama Canal” September 27, 2018

Seminars provide information about the latest happening around. It also helps an individual to convey ones ideas to others and effective way to study and interact with others. One such seminar was organized by Himanshu Joshi, B.Ed Batch (2018-20) on “Panama Canal”, an artificial 82 km waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.

Himanshu Joshi highlighted the history of the Panama Canal which dates back to 1513 when an historian first crossed the isthmus and the earliest European colonists recognized the potential for a canal to be made. During World War II, the canal proved to play a vital part for the U.S, military strategy allowing ships to transfer easily between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The process was completed on 31 December 1999. He also focused on number of improvements made to the current canal system such as deepening of the Pacific and Atlantic entrances, construction of a new spillway for flood control. The Panama Canal cost Americans around $375,000,000, including the $10,000,000 paid to Panama and the $40,000,000 paid to the French company. “It was the single most expensive construction project in United States history to that time” he added.


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