Faculty Seminar on “Ozone Layer Depletion”

Faculty Seminar on “Ozone Layer Depletion”

Faculty Seminar on “Ozone Layer Depletion” September 19, 2018

Attending or presenting Seminar has numerous benefits including improving communication, presentation, body language, content knowledge etc. Seminars are quite beneficial for pupil teachers as they have to always keep their eyes on what new things are arriving day by day. Hence students find it interesting to learn new concepts through the use of technology in class.

A seminar on “Ozone Layer depletion” was presented by Ms. Atulya Verma to make the students aware regarding the importance of Ozone Layer for us and other life forms on planet Earth. She informed students about the causes behind depletion of this layer i.e. use of refrigerants, sprays, unregulated launch of rockets etc which contribute in constant increase in temperature as a result of which human beings may have skin and eye trouble. A big hole has been observed over Antarctica for which measures taken at our level to save this layer were also discussed.


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