B.A. Psychology (Hons.)

  • A four-year undergraduate study leads to a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.) degree.
  • The goal of this programme is to encourage skill-based learning while assisting students in better understanding psychology as a fast growing science.
  • A psychology course is designed with the changing nature of society in mind with the goal of giving students the skills they need to comprehend and react to these changes effectively.
  • This programme offers students possibilities for higher study as well as several potential in a range of industries.

Admission Process

Admission is based on Merit and Personal Interview

Award of Degree

Students who successfully complete the program are awarded the Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.) degree by the ICFAI University, Dehradun, subject to university regulations

duration Duration

  • 4 Years

eligibility Eligibility

  • Pass in Class XII or equivalent (any discipline) with 50% and above aggregate marks

Unique Features

  • B.A. Psychology (Hons.) program intends to Cover a wide range of topics like learning about behaviour modification and research methods and develop analytical and reporting skills that are valuable in any career.
  • With a psychology degree, you can enter a wide range of professions in fields like business, medicine, education, non-profits, government, social services, and law.
  • A Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Psychology is the ideal choice for you if you have a strong background in science and maths, a desire to understand people, and critical thinking skills.

Program Highlights

  • This program’s curriculum normally covers a wide range of subjects connected to behaviour and thought processes in people. Additionally, it provides specialisations in areas like political philosophy, environmental economics, cognitive psychology, and psychology at work.
  • The overview of this course covers the development of psychology, as well as its theoretical perspectives and research methodologies. This course focuses on the psychological developments that occur throughout the course of a person’s lifetime, including improvements in cognition, social interaction, and emotion. This course explores a variety of psychiatric conditions, including their signs and symptoms, underlying causes, and treatment options.
  • Students will hone their critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and research abilities during this course.

Program Structure

Program Structure

Year I

Semester - I

Semester - II

  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Psychology for living
  • Environmental Psychology
  • From University’s VAC Pool
  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Self and Personal growth
  • Application of Social Psychology
  • From University’s VAC Pool

Year II

Semester - III

Semester - IV

  • Psychological Distress and


  • Health Psychology
  • Managing Stress
  • Counseling Psychology
  • From University’s VAC Pool
  • Statistical Methods in Psychology
  • Development Psychology/ Life Span


  • Psychology and Gender
  • Developing Emotional Competence
  • From University’s VAC Pool

Year III

Semester - V

Semester - VI

  • Assessment and Measurement in Psychology
  • Personality in Psychology
  • Making Decisions
  • Psychology in Education
  • From University’s VAC Pool
  • Research methods in Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Psychology and Yoga
  • Introduction to Indian Psychological


  • From University’s VAC Pool

Year IV

Semester - VII

Semester - VIII

  • Internship
  • Dissertation

The program structure is tentative, subject to change (if required).

Fee Schedule

The fee for each program is mentioned in the table below.

Programs No. of Semesters Admission Fee Total Program Fee Convocation & Alumni Fee Caution Deposit
Domicile Non-domicile
B.A. Psychology (Hons.) 8 10,000 1,32,000 1,56,000 6,000 5,000

Domicile: To avail the domicile benefits in the program fee, candidate domicile certificate is required at the time of registration

Program Fee: Program Fee is to be paid in equal installments as shown against the respective program.

Note: Ph.D. program fee mentioned above is for the minimum duration of the program. Students have to pay the respective semester fee to continue in the program, if he/she takes additional time beyond the stipulated minimum duration.

Convocation Fee of Rs. 1,000 and Alumni Fee of Rs. 5,000 is to be paid along with the program fee of final semester

Caution Deposit: All students are required to pay the caution deposit along with the first semester fee. The caution deposit will be refunded without interest after adjusting dues, on completion of the respective program.

Merit Scholarships Scheme 2024

The ICFAI University, Dehradun offers merit scholarships to students pursuing the UG & PG programs. These scholarships are based on past academic record and semester-wise performance.

A. Based on Past Academic Record

The past academic percentage will be calculated for the eligibility program on the basis of all courses studied during the program. He/ she should not have any backlog (RRA/NC/ RC) in the semester. He/ she should have scored 6 or more GPA in the semester. Students facing any disciplinary action will not be considered for scholarship. Students who have availed fee waiver are not eligible for scholarship.

Note: Students are required to pay complete semester fee on or before the registration date.

The details are presented in the following table:

Merit Scholarships Scheme 2024
Programs Percentage achieved in qualifying examination
≥ 90% ≥ 80% to < 90% ≥ 70% to < 80%
Amount of Scholarship * (In Rs.)
B.A. Psychology (Hons.) (4 Years) 40,000 33,000 26,000

Above Scholarship amount would be adjusted equally in 8 installments for 4 year Programs;

Academic Performance (CGPA) Category I Category II Category II
≥ 9.00 ≥ 8.50 -< 9.00 ≥ 8.00 -< 8.50
Programs No. of Semesters Amount of Scholorship per semester* (In Rs.)
B.A. Psychology (Hons.) 8 5,000 3,600 2,500