Surgical Strike Day celebration

Surgical Strike Day celebration

Surgical Strike Day celebration September 27, 2018

The valor of the armed forced was celebrated at the ICFAI University, Dehradun on the surgical strike day through group dances by students, videos and a speech by the chief guest Brig. Rajiv Sethi (Retd.) who emphasized the sacrifices made by the armed forces to serve their nation in his speech. Brig. Rajiv Sethi (Retd.), was in the Cabinet Secretariat during the last four years of his tenure. He was an army aviation pilot & has flown helicopters in difficult terrain and in Srilanka. He also commanded his regiment in extreme militancy affected areas in Jammu & Kashmir and is an Alumni of National Defence Academy (NDA).

The chief guest Brig. Rajiv Sethi (Retd.) said “Youngsters should get into the armed forces as it is the ultimate service to the Nation. Our children today are living a stressful life and are unable to channelize their energy in the right direction. They can learn qualities like discipline and determination by observing the lives of army personnel. Armed forces can become a great source of inspiration for our younger generation. The life of a soldier stands on the foundation of discipline, determination, restraint and sacrifice. Our soldiers are our national heroes who bravely face the stiff struggle every single day in order to keep us safe and secure. My heart is filled with love, reverence and regards thinking about our soldiers who put everything at stake for their motherland. They live under extreme conditions on borders sacrificing all their comfort and protecting out motherland. We all should salute our soldiers and feel immensely proud of them”.

Following retired JCOs, NCOs and Other Ranks were felicitated at the occasion by the Chief guest Brig. Rajiv Sethi (Retd.) for their service to the Nation during their tenure in the armed forces:

Honorary Subedar Major Gaur S Rawat - 7th Garhwal Rifle,
Honorary Subedar Major Dharam Singh - 5th Garhwal Rifle
Subedar Shamsher Bahadur Thapa - 5th Armoured Regiment.
Subedar Kamal S Chauhan - 14th Mahar Regiment.
Subedar B.B Thapa - Armoured Corps Records.
Havaldar Sanjeev Bisht - 5th Garhwal Rifle.
Nayak Madan S Gurung - 6/8 Gorkha Regiment.
Nayak Man Bahadur Thapa - 1st Para Regiment.
Sepoy Prem Bahadur Thapa - 4/1 Gorkha Regiment.

The retired JCOs, NCOs and Other Ranks felicitated at this occasion said “ You might have heard this a lot of times that, The true soldier fights not because he hates the enemy in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. This feeling of love for the motherland is very special and gives you a lot of strength. It is the feeling of love for the country which makes them sacrifice their lives if needed and therefore this celebration of one of the many victories of the armed forces is special as it affirms that the country loves its soldiers”.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Pawan K Agarwal,Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Muddu Vinay and Deputy Registrar Manish Mehta were also present at the occasion along with the Program Coordinator Dr. Amit Das from ICFAI Tech School.


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