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Research and Publications

Research and Publications

Research and Publications

To ensure that students are exposed to the latest thinking and developments in the discipline of management, FMS lays great stress on research and publishing.

Faculty members are engaged in academic research and case development. They publish articles in reputed national and international refered journals.

During the last 5 years FMS faculty have published more than 100 research articles in refereed journals. Most of the FMS faculty are the consulting editors for leading national and international research journals.


The Icfai University Press (IUP) has published over 1,500 books in Accounting, Banking, Insurance, E-Business, Economics, Information Technology, Law, Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations, HRM and similar areas. These executive reference books deal with contemporary developments in the business environment and their impact on managerial decision-making.


IUP has a portfolio of 18 professional magazines in the areas of Finance, Economics, Banking, Insurance, Law, Management and Science & Technology. These magazines contain in-depth articles on domain-specific and interdisciplinary topics, debates, interviews, case studies and book summaries.

Research Journals

IUP also has a portfolio of 48 research journals. The research journals contain cutting edge research papers in various domain areas namely: management research, corporate governance, marketing management, organizational behavior, operations management, systems management, infrastructure, knowledge management, services marketing, business strategy, supply chain management, mergers & acquisitions, entrepreneurship development, brand management and many more allied areas.


S No. Name Title of Paper Name of Journal, Vol.No., (Month & Year), Pages, (Name of Publisher) Indexed / Impact Factor
1 Dr. Abhay Kumar Tiwari Gender Inequality In Terms of Health and Nutrition: Evidence from National Family Health Survey-3 Pacific Business Review International Vol.4 Issue I(June, 2013) pp.94-104, Pacific University Call’s Directories Indian Citation Index (ICI)/ Ulrich’s
2 Dr. Abhay Kumar Tiwari Factor affecting job-seekers’ Perceived Credibility of Online job Advertisements: A Review Asia Pacific Journal of Research in Business Managements, Volume 4, Issue 8-9,(July, 2013), Ppt. 1-17, Sri Krishna Research and Educational Consortium. Ebsco / Pro Quest/Cabell’s/ Ulrich
3 Dr. Abhay Kumar Tiwari Hunger in India with special reference to Madhya Pradesh INDIA 2013 Mortality and Health IBSN:978-93-82411-07-9 (Edited Book),(Jan 2014), pp. 111-118, MLC Foundation Google Scholar
4 Dr .Manish Kumar Srinastava Hunger in India with special reference to Madhya Pradesh INDIA 2013 Mortality and Health IBSN:978-93-82411-07-9 (Edited Book),(Jan 2014), pp. 111-118, MLC Foundation Google Scholar
5 Mr. Pratyush Banerjee Factor Affecting Job seekers’ Perceived Credibility of online Job advertisements : A Review Journal of Research in Business Management, Volume 4 , Issue 8-9, July 2013, pp. 1-17,Sri Krishna Research and Educational Ebsco / Pro Quest/Cabell’s/ Ulrich
6 Mr. Pratyush Banerjee HRIS @ Nissan: a new era in HRM International Journal of Teaching Case Studies Vol ., Issue 2, August 2013 ,pp.95-114, Inderscience ). Cabell’s
7 Mr. Suresh K G Impact of Real Exchange Rates on Export Of Agricultural Commodities Evidence from India Review of Economic & Business Studies Issue 11 June 2013,pp.46-58, Alexandru loan Cuza University of lasi. IDEAS , Cabell’s Index Copernicus,Ebsco

Edited Books

S No. Name Title of Book Year of Publication Name of Publication & ISBN No.
1 Dr. Abhay Kumar Tiwari India 2103 Mortality and Health 2013 MLC Foundation/IBSN:978-93-82411-07-9

Faculty of Science & Technology

S No. Name of Faculty Name of Article Name of Journal,Vol.No.,(Month & Year),Pages,(Name of Publisher) Indexed /Impact Factor
1 Dr. T k Mandal A facile synthesis of a carbon- encapsulated Fe304 nanocomposite and its performance as anode in lithium ion batteries Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology,Vol. No.4 (October 2013), 699-704 (Beilstein- Institut, Germany ) Impact factor:2.374
2 Mr Raj Gaurav Mishra Robotic :Survey of its Various Possible Applications International Journal of Science & Engineering Research, Volume 4, Issue 11, Page 44-52,ISSN:2229-5518,November 2013. Google Scholar, Research Gate ,Index Copernicus, NASA ADS/ Impact Factor:1.4
3 Mr Raj Gaurav Mishra Distributed Fibre Optic Virtual Fencing System Edition on Wired and Wireless Network: Advance and Application, Volume 3- November 2013 of HCTL Open Science and Technology Letter (STL), ISSN:2321-6980,IBSN:978-1-62951-015-6. Google Books Google Scholar ,Research Gate, Open Depot, Mendeley, Scribd ISSUU, Website.
4 Dr. Sanjay Kr. Singhal Book Chapter entitled “ Nuclear Physics(Law Energy Neutron Physics)” Volume IV on Nuclear Physics of Compendium on Energy Science and Technology,43 pages, STUDIUM PRESS LLC Houston, USA is in Press

Faculty of Law

S.No. Name of the Faculty Name of Article Name of Journal,Vol.No., (Month & Year), Pages, (Name of Publisher)
1 Mr. Aseem Chandra Paliwal Protection of Environment Emerging Issue Climate Change Tending to Forced Migration Law Mantra Journal ,Volume 1, Issue 8 and 9 http://lawmara.co.in /law mantra journal –volume -1 issue-9/
Globalization various sovereignty in Corporate Jurisprudence International online Journal ISSN No.2347-3185,Voume 2,Issue 1. htt://www.ijra.in/uploads/41723.3780286111fullpaper_Ra-jashree%20Bhowmick%20%&20%Aseem%20Chandra%20Paliwal.pdf
Commodification of Surrogacy and Indian Scenario International online Journal ISSN No.2347-3185,Voume 1,Issue 3. htt://www.ijra.in/uploads/4168.3424978241full%paper_Shrawa-ni%20Shagun%20%&20%Aseem%20Chandra%20Paliwal.pdf
2 Mrs. G.Vinodini Devi Labour Dispute Resolution and the Role of Conciliation in India "Burdwan University Law Review" edited volume of the Department of Law , March 2014, p.188.
"Issues and Challenges in Implementation of Environmental Laws In India" " LAW PROFILES" A Monthly Legal Journal in English, Vol 3, Issue 10;  October 2012 p. 37
3 Mr. Avishek Raj Concept of State under Article 12 of the Indian Constitution The International Journal of Social Science & Linguistics (ISSN No. 2319-2755), Year 2013, Vol.7 March 2014,Pg No. 110-125
Affirmative Action in Higher Education –A Study of U.S.A AD Valorem An International Peer Review Research Referred Quarterly journal,Vol.1,Issue 1, January-March,2014,Pg 23-31
A Jurisprudential Trip Through Human Right Based Approach on Environmental Issue Lucknow Law Journal A Referred Annual Journal for Legal Research in Law ,Vol,XVII, Year 2014
4 Ms Monica Kharola & Dr. Prakash Chandra Mishara Ambit of Relationship in the Nature of Marriage Journal of legal Studies, ISSN 2321-1059,Vol 2, Issue 1, January 2014 Published by Manavta Samajik Sanstha ,MughalSarai,Chandoli,UP India